Scanmaskin Floor Grinders

Floor Grinders / Planers / Vacuums / Scrabblers / Grinding tools

About Scanmaskin Sverige AB

Scanmaskin is a dynamic, progressive organisation based in Sweden. Since 1975 we have manufactured market leading floorgrinding-, surfacefinishing and polishing equipment.  All our grinders and dust extractors are produced in our facility in Lindome, on the outskirts of Gothenburg. We are 29 employees at our office in Lindome, but also have sales offices in Finland and the USA. In Finland, you will find us in Porvoo and our US office is located in Seattle, WA.

The development of new machines has been based on current market demand and industry trends from customers all around the world. We combine this input from our user base along with Swedish engineering, and have created a platform with increased productivity and functionality.

We also have a sister company, Scanmineral, that offes a complete range of material for industrial flooring. Filler for seamless flooring, natural stone and our colored industrial sand Granuscan Colour Granules. Scan Minerals’ customer base includes all of Scandinavia, together with other countries in Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

As always, we bring in our core values in our organisation and products.


We welcome you to visit our offices, where we will gladly show you around and discuss our products.