Osis Group partnered with SPAN Trading LLC to host a 1 day workshop/seminar focussed on warehouse safety.

The event was held at the Oryx Rotana Hotel close to the Old Doha International Airport.

SPAN are well known within the industry for being leading consultants and solution providers of systems and equipment that enhance the warehouse operation. Their offering includes a wide range of equipment required within the four walls of a warehouse, be it racking systems, material handling equipment or loading bay equipment, as well as a portfolio of software to effectively operate a distribution centre. They have been implementing their solutions since 1989.

For more information regarding SPAN please visit www.span-group.com

However, without a well-designed, well-constructed and fit for purpose floor, the safety & performance of the warehouse system may be compromised. It was only logical therefore that the importance of the floor should be highlighted.

Some of the topics discussed:

  • Floor Usage:
    • Different types of operations
  • Floor Flatness:
    • What is the right specification for different areas within a warehouse?
    • How is floor flatness checked?
    • Consequences of the wrong floor flatness or non-compliance
  • Floor Design:
    • Thickness
    • Reinforcement
    • Flatness
    • Joint Systems
  • What to look for in existing floors to highlight potential issues


All of the above can affect the safety of the warehouse operation.

Osis Group were proud to participate in this event alongside SPAN & IBLS Qatar. The subject of Safety concerns everybody within the industry and anything to raise the awareness of others can only be beneficial to everyone.

The 100 attendees were from a variety of backgrounds but all were interested in the subject matter. The floor is essential for the safe and efficient operation of a warehouse facility and this was appreciated by the audience.

The feedback received from those in attendance was extremely positive with requests for similar future events.