Pump Screed Floors

Pump Floor Screed

The finished screed is durable, tough and abrasion resistant. Placed at a minimum thickness of 7mm; up to 1,000m2 of floor can be resurfaced per day. The rapid setting structural screed (30N/mm2) is ready for traffic in less than 24 hours.

The Osis Group Screed System can be given a clear finish or sealed with epoxy in a variety of colours. When a coloured sealer is selected, the screed can be pigmented to closely match the coating which helps camouflage wear and tear. Pigmented screeds can also be finished with a clear sealer as an architectural solution.

The Screed System can also be polished. A Polished Screed will really make you appreciate the advantages of having concrete as an exposed floor surface.

It can be used for the repair of damaged or uneven VNA aisles and upgrade a normal floor.