Jointless Floors

Jointless Floors

Jointless Free Movement Floors are reinforced with steel- fibre reinforcement and have construction joints to provide boundaries to panels and to allow for concrete shrinkage. 

Advantages: Sawn joints are eliminated, having as a result lower maintenance cost.

Disadvantages: Higher Construction cost, increased possibility for cracks, increased Armoured Steel joint opening.

Can be used for: Open areas used for light block stacking, food processing facilities, marshalling areas, racking with aisles more than 3 meters (reach truck)

Cannot be used for: Superflat Floors with high tolerance (VNA), Floors where wire guidance is installed

Floor Flatness Specifications

The Concrete Society’s TR34 FM specifications

ASTM E1155 FF & FL Numbers

ASTM E1486 Waviness Index

ASTM E1486 Pitched Floors & Elevation Conformance

DIN 18202

The decision on which specification to choose is usually dependent on the country of origin and there are four main floor flatness specifications used internationally.