Free Movement Floors

 Free Movement Floor

Free Movement Floors refer to areas where materials handling equipment operates in random, non-defined directions and have an infinite number of travel paths.

Floors in manufacturing, retail and distribution, where materials handling equipment is free to move in any direction.

Can be used for: Open areas used for light block stacking, food processing facilities, marshalling areas, racking with aisles more than 3 meters (reach truck)

Cannot be used for: Superflat Floors with high tolerance (VNA), Floors where wire guidance is installed

Floor Flatness Specifications

The Concrete Society’s TR34 FM specifications

ASTM E1155 FF & FL Numbers

ASTM E1486 Waviness Index

ASTM E1486 Pitched Floors & Elevation Conformance

DIN 18202

The decision on which specification to choose is usually dependent on the country of origin and there are four main floor flatness specifications used internationally.