Epoxy & Cementitious Terrazzo

Cementitious Terrazzo

Innovative product from Osis Group for installation of commercial floors with Venetian style. This exclusive product, with a special cement binder, created with the combination of specific bases developed by Osis Group with colored mineral granules, which allow the creation of elegant floor that is truly unique. The final result can be achieved by combining the colors of the bases and grains, using different quantities and sizes of grains. A wide variety of attractive floor can be created, selected and identified in relation to the environment, interior design and intended use.

Epoxy Terrazzo

Venetian style seeded floor composed of an epoxy resin binder which can be customized by choosing from all the colors available in the RAL range and from grains of various types, ranging from the more classical marble grains, to river pebbles to the use of glass and metal.

With Epoxy Terrazzo an infinite variety of floors can be created, combining bases and chippings. A wide range of patterns can also be created, rendering each floor unique and unrepeatable. Osis Group apply the Epoxy Terrazzo using epoxy bending elements, deliberately designed to maintain the original method application and achieve the same aesthetic of handmade floor during the past centuries.