Product description – Superfloor

Superfloor is a unique product based on the concept of diamond polished concrete developed by Osis Group. By installing Superfloor you transform your construction concrete to a usable, dust free and hard floor that becomes more resistant to wear and traffic than any other floor in the market.

Superfloor can be applied in new constructions as well as to old concrete floors. If the construction concrete is covered by an epoxy or similar coating Osis Group has the technology to effectively remove the coating, exposing the underneath construction concrete prior to installing the Superfloor Polished Concrete.

Superfloor is suitable both in industrial warehouses and public areas.

Superfloor is a long lasting floor that delivers great benefits regarding environmental sustainability, cleanliness, visual appearance and workspace environment.


Environmental Sustainability

Compared to traditional industrial floor solutions like resin coating and epoxy, Superfloor is a far

better alternative when it comes to select environmental sustainable solutions. Not only is the impact on

the environment lower in the installation phase of the floor, but over time the benefits becomes even

greater as Superfloor is a onetime installation compared to resin coatings or epoxy that needs

constant replacement.



Polished Concrete, such as Superfloor, has a documented high resistance to wear. This means that Superfloor is the perfect choice of floor in areas with heavy traffic and other factors that have an impact on the floor surface.

Wear resistance on Superfloor is measured against the following standards:

  • SS 13 72 41 – Concrete Testing – Hardened Concrete – Wear resistance
  • EN 13892-3 – Test for Screed Materials



People working in an industrial or warehouse environment where forklift s are being used are exposed to vibrations. Vibrations can cause both immediate illnesses and chronicle injuries. Among the immediate illnesses are increased heartbeat, increased breath and unspecified stress symptoms.

Chronicle effects such as lower back injuries, different nerve injuries and problems with stomach and intestines caused by vibrations due to uneven floors is a common problem for warehouse and/or industrial personnel.

Besides the negative effect for humans exposed to vibra ons, the damage of vehicles and material caused by vibrations is combined with increased production costs.

Superfloor has been measured against the Swedish norm AFS 2005:15 that follows the norm determined by the European Community directive 2002/44/EG - and qualifies well within the threshold values according to this directive.



The level of friction on a public or industrial/warehouse floor is most important to avoid accidents. Often the level of gloss is compared against the level of friction, something that is not entirely correct.

Common factors that lowers the friction on a floor is the use of too much cleaning detergent, the use of wrong cleaning detergent and the level of dirt on the floor. A clean, chemical free floor, no ma er the gloss, is not slippery.

Supefloor gives to the floor certain characteristics such as evenness, gloss and a mandatory chemical free maintenance system called Twister.