Floor Joint Stabilising

CoGri Joint Stabiliser eliminates concrete joint load transfer problems with its patented spring-like mechanism which allows it to expand and contract with the slab. When the Joint Stabiliser is inserted between the two concrete floor slabs, the pressure locks the slabs together and restores positive load transfer.

Overall the floor joint stabiliser is less disruptive and requires less operational downtime than any other concrete joint load transfer repair solution available. After installation of the Joint Stabilisers by approved installers the floor can be returned to service immediately. This gives users year after year of superior performance.

Concrete joints can become a problem, particularly within industrial and warehouse operational environments, when they start to become loose and lose load transfer at the floor joint, it can cause problems for forklift truck traffic.

Load transfer problems are when a loose concrete slab begins to rock when the slab on one side of the joint is loaded, with one side sliding up or down relative to the other. Concrete joints become loose mainly because they lack an effective load transfer device such as dowels, tie bars, or reinforcing steel. Other factors include excessive curling or warping, high drying shrinkage, and wide temperature swings.